Shutter Options

Perimeter Stiles are available in 2 ½” widths & 3 ½” widths.
Arch Tops are available at an additional expense.
Shutter Cut Outs are available, usually positioned in the top panel of the shutter (Currently offerings are a Diamond, Pineapple, Palm Tree, & Fluer-Di-Lis). Other types upon request.
Shutter Dogs or Shutter Tie-Backs are available (Sea Horse, “S” Tie-Back, Dolphin, & Grape), and sold in pairs.


South Florida Aluminum provides an in-house powder coating process to finish our shutters, railings, and gates. All of our manufactured aluminum products receive a high quality chemical pretreatment prior to application of the powder coat baked-on finish.
Our highly durable powder coating finishes offer long life performance and very low maintenance.
Typically our shutters receive a proprietary low gloss finish “TO RESEMBLE THE LOOK OF WOOD SHUTTERS”.
Custom Color Matches are available upon request. We can generally match colors offered by a number of companies offering exterior house paints.

Colonial Shutter Mounting

Decorative Colonial Shutters can be mounted directly to the wall in fixed position with Stainless Steel Hardware
Concealed Hook-ups are also available for mounting the Decorative Colonial Shutters in the rear to the wall. The Concealed Hook-up presents the Decorative Shutter as an Operable Shutter.
Shutters can be hinged to the side of the opening, closed, and locked for protection, if operable shutters are desired.